NAS Data Recovery

NAS devices are best suited for any enterprise or SMB with a lot of data to store and share.

As NAS devices are effectively a server in itself and contain all of the components of a typical PC, its reliability dictated by how well it is designed internally. A NAS without redundant data access paths, redundant controllers or redundant power supplies will likely be less reliable than a simple PC with better components acting as server connected to the network. In addition, a performance of NAS devices also depends heavily on the speed of and traffic on the network and on the amount of RAM on the NAS computers or devices.

Recovery Squad often develops specific fixes for specific proprietary software and / or hardware. Proprietary in-house tools have been specifically developed to increase recovery rates and cut down on recovery times for crashed multi-disk systems running in Snap and other NAS environments. The Unix-flavoured operating system used by these systems and its proprietary file system are often difficult for computer technicians, and even other data recovery companies to manipulate, however we are able to get information stored on these devices back, in a snap.


 This is what you should do right now:
• Do not panic.
• Turn off the NAS .
• Do not attempt to repair the NAS .
• Contact Recovery Squad now.                                    


Common failures affecting NAS devices:

 Single or multiple disk failure.
 System crash.
 Power surge causing physical or logical corruption.
 Virus attack.
 Data could not be viewed due to security system failure.
 Loss of network shared volume due to accidental reformat or loss of original configuration.
 Accidental deletion of data or reformat of NAS volume.