Professional USB Data Recovery in Perth & Melbourne

Has your flash drive kicked the bucket?

Keep calm, Recovery Squad will come to the rescue.

Compact and durable, it’s sometimes hard to remember that the USB stick rolling around the bottom of your bag or drawer is a piece of fallible technology. Many people use USB flash drives when on the go, and inevitably this means they become damaged. One of the most common devices our Perth and Melbourne engineers work on, we have become adept at retrieving data from a wide range of USB devices. We perform USB data recovery on all flash drive sizes and brands. In most cases, our unique recovery software can salvage most or all of the data stored on your flash drive, regardless of whether the damage is electronic or mechanical.

A Simple, Effective Way to Retrieve Files

We know how much of a pain it is to lose work in progress due to a device failing. The whole point of technology is convenience and instantaneous access, so when these devices break down, it can be pretty annoying. The recovery service we offer to Perth customers has been developed and refined to be as quick and efficient as possible, to ensure you get up and running again as soon as possible. Our service works in three simple steps, these include:


Once your device arrives at our Perth office, one of our Recovery Squad engineers will perform a thorough inspection of the USB after which they will be able to estimate how much USB data is likely to be recovered. At this stage we are also able to provide you with a quote on our service which won’t change even if the USB data recovery becomes more complex and time consuming than we initially predicted.


One of our professional engineers will retrieve the data from your USB device using our unique software. This process will not damage the flash drive any further.


Common USB Loss Situations:
• Broken tip off USB flash drive
• “Unknown Device” appearing “out of the blue”
• Loss of functionality
• Inserting device into wrong slot
• Snapped or Overheated Electronics
• Memory Wear from Excessive Use
• Accidental Deletion or Formatting
• Virus Damage
• File Corruption
• Missing or Damaged Files
• Smoke, Fire or Water Damage


When we are finished retrieving your files, we’ll send you a detailed list of the data recovered. We can load this onto whatever device you would like, or alternatively upload it to your cloud storage.

Get in touch with our technical experts in Melbourne and Perth

Recovery Squad can retrieve data from a diverse range of media including iPhones, hard drives, RAID systems, and SD cards. For more information on the range of repair services we provide for devices including USB, SD cards, NAS, hard drives, Androids, iPhones, please don’t hesitate to contact us on (08) 6355 6244 or for our Melbourne office please call (03) 7016 8120.